SyncusTech introduces differentiated R&D systems at an affordable price and ensures rapid customer support through embedded solutions

By Gahyun, Jung (Feb 2018, ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING magazine special article)

Since its establishment in 1992, SyncusTech has been devoted to industrial computer development and manufacturing. With 26 years of experience, the company is in the field of Original Development Manufacturing (ODM), which customizes specifications based on industrial computer motherboard development technology. SyncusTech is creating business synergies by establishing cooperative relationships based on the trust of customers who require special specifications as they experience difficulty with off-the-shelf imported products.

SyncusTech is well aware that ODM products are better suited to customers’ needs, such as usage and environment, compared to off-the-shelf products. But they also know that the time and expense involved in product development is a huge burden on customers. That’s why SyncusTech has been working hard to create a solution. SyncusTech’s ODM embedded solutions provide the best-of-breed ODM industrial motherboards at competitive prices, and find the right solution for customers looking for small to medium-volume and optimized motherboards. Behind the success of SyncusTech is its expertise in motherboard design, competitiveness in niche industries, and ability to support its clients’ projects over the medium- to long- term.

Just like the last year, SyncusTech is expected to continue to develop new products this year. Intel’s sixth generation Skylake-based platform and Xeon board, a fully-fledged server platform, are expected to be completed and begin mass production this year. The development of the ARM-based platform, which started last year, will also conclude with development of the RK3288 platform, and the company is planning to develop the I.MX6 platform in the first half of the year. This year, SyncusTech will also launch Smart Factory-related products in earnest. SyncusTech is launching ODM products to meet the diverse needs of its customers for implementation of Smart Factory amid Industry 4.0, which is affecting the manufacturing industry as a whole.

First of all, the company is launching ‘Gateway’ of advanced to low specifications, which is a smart controller that supports data collection and remote control through connection of a variety of field equipment and sensors crucial in factory automation construction. Next, SyncusTech has developed and is supplying customized distributed servers that are designed to process various nodes (distributed computers) with the cloud computing system that carries out the infrastructure as a service (LaaS) for the implementation of factory automation service. Recently, the company started to develop artificial intelligence (AI) related products, running machines and learning machine. SyncusTech plans to feature its various solutions at Automation World 2018, which will be showcased in March. SyncusTech’s exhibition booth is Hall A H138.