Taking up the market by the company’s signature products Atom Board ‘EMB-BYT1000’ and ‘Haswell EMB-QM87’

By Jinhui, Kim (June 2016, ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING magazine special article)

SyncusTech has accumulated the technology by providing products in diverse areas for more than the past 20 years. SyncusTech has actively supported clients to advance into new markets with its ODM solution-based technology repository, and has worked hard to raise price competitiveness by smart sourcing. With its new technology development, SyncusTech has capability to offer differentiated R&D services to customers who wish to penetrate into new markets.

Computer-based systems widely used in the industrial fields such as plant automation and semi-conductor equipment require high level of reliability and durability. So these computers should be industrial motherboards and computers instead of the average common PCs. Generally, many think of Chinese and Taiwanese companies when it comes to industrial motherboard and computers but there is one unique company that has been developing industrial computers based on homegrown technology for the past 25 years.

It is SyncusTech led by CEO Lee Wonkun. Established in 1992, SyncusTech has provided optimized industrial motherboard, computer development and manufacturing services based on its accumulated technological knowhow for the past 25 years. The name SyncusTech refers to “Synchronous with Customer”, aiming to serve customers. The company specializes in optimized solution provision for diverse fields, turning itself as industrial PC leader.

At first, SyncusTech focused on ODM system for industrial motherboards but extended its business portfolio as customer requests and need for reliability on motherboard technology increased. In other words, robotics & automation devices, test & measurement devices, medical equipment and integrated system were also applied on its focus area of industrial PC motherboard.


Its Core Competitiveness is Customized ODM Solution

SyncusTech has continued in developing the best industrial PC motherboards in its affiliated lab and provided services optimized for customers through customized ODM solutions. ODM industrial motherboards are offered at a reasonable price, and SyncusTech proposes the customized ODM solution to customers looking for mid & smell quantity orders. The ready-made boards manufactured and imported en mass from overseas are insufficient to address needs arising from diverse industrial areas.

CEO Lee stated that, despite small number of employees, the company could build customer trust by fast decision making and respond to customer needs through developing technologies and managing production and quality control efficiently, and stressed that SyncusTech was able to succeed in the industrial PC sector thanks to its own motherboard design knowhow, competitiveness in niche market and capability to provide mid-to-long term support for customers’ projects.

The conventional ODM system requires overall cost shouldering for all development addressing customer needs on specification but SyncusTech adopts Intel Road Map in developing diverse product pre-development to minimize customers’ cost burden.


Launch of Atom Board, an Industrial PC Motherboard

SyncusTech focuses of promoting and selling newly launched atom boards, ‘EMB-BYT1000’ and ‘Haswell EMB-QM87’. EPIC (115*165mm)-standardized ‘EMB-BYT1000’ has all core functions of chip set and can be provided in customized specifications with minimized revision works and cost. ‘Haswell EMB-QM87’ is a product developed through a government-led project and comes in two types, MiniITX (170*170mm) Form Factor and Com Express Type6 Module. The products are optimized for industrial use and medical equipment among other equipment and gears.

SyncusTech has long been providing ODM industrial computer motherboards at a reasonable price. The company has strongly recommended optimized high-performing motherboards based on ODM solution to customers with technological needs that cannot be addressed by the conventional ready-made motherboards. Customers can now be provided with the best optimal solution that addresses all their needs and the ODM motherboard at an affordable rate.

SyncusTech provides technical services promptly whenever there is a request from customer, and is equipped in advance with replacement products for those not manufactured any more so that long-term partnership stays viable with customers. Many customers are baffled when the products they are using are no longer manufactured or provided on the market and SyncusTech guarantees steady flow and provision of the products and parts to meet customer needs and fulfill customer satisfaction as well as to ensure continuity of their projects.


Localized Marketing Strategy Ensures Penetration in Markets Overseas

Based on such competitiveness, SyncusTech has exported motherboards specific to electronic safe in the U.S. market since 2012, extending its territory into the global market. It was not an easy task. According to CEO Lee, the company needed insights and expertise on foreign markets. So the company signed a marketing contract with local marketing consultant company and concentrated on marketing in the local market. The company first set up official website and drafted company introduction in English and then came up with summarized list of keywords so that they get exposed. It also created links with major online social media such as LinkedIn and YouTube and started Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement represented by Google Adwords. E-mails were sent along with the company introduction to personnel in corporations that are likely to be interested in having business relations with SyncusTech. In the process, the company could establish database on CRM, website optimization, Google analysis, content marketing, marketing automation among other databases. After revolutionizing its marketing sector, SyncusTech has identified some 30 companies both local and overseas as its potential clients. This is significant progress for a little known mid-to-small-sized enterprise amid fierce price competition and mass production from China and Taiwan. CEO Lee Wonkun said that he expected the industrial PC market will grow exponentially thanks to increasing global production automation trend and would aggressively advance into the U.S. market next year utilizing the marketing strategies currently being developed and deployed.