SyncusTech specializes in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing industrial PC motherboards/PCBs for a wide range of industries: factory & machine automation, digital signage, IoT, testing & electronics, etc. Explore our case studies to find more about our business partners’ success stories, whose challenges have been met thanks to SyncusTech’s ODM capabilities and innovative motherboard technology. Contact us today to motherboard design for your project!

Smart Factory | Gateway – aimSystems

With the spread of smart factories, a large number of domestic SI companies have developed various SW solutions required for smart factory implementation and applied them to manufacturing sites. Aim system is specialized in the semiconductor/display factories and equipment automation solutions, and has been selected as a supplier of smart factory businesses to support smartization of domestic manufacturing.


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SyncusTech Systems Integrator Case Study_Blase Server

Smart Factory | Blase Server – aimSystems

aimSystems, a systems integrator in the field of semiconductors and FDP, is now expanding its business toward various manufacturing industries including electronic components, shipbuilding, and steel production. The company needed cartridge type blade servers, which are used for data storage and are able to link to their MES (Manufacturing Execution System).


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SyncusTech System Integrator Case Study_Controller

Smart Factory | Automobile Production Controller

A systems integrator specialized in the field of production line manufacturing won a project from an automobile manufacturer. The goal of project was to convert the existing control system which was made of simple dumb terminals, into a complex, high-performing control system including enlarged I/O ports for a PLC interface and control of a lighting system through DIO.


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Semiconductors | Gas-Chem Fault-Tolerant system

K is a leading developer of semiconductor and display related equipment and is a domestic mid-sized enterprise that produces core equipment for semiconductor production lines, such as CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing), Wet Station, Gas Cabinet and Ceria Slurry. Controllers applied to the semiconductor process must meet the high reliability and performance standards required by complex advanced systems, characterized by minimum downtime from sudden failure and prompt recovery after malfunction.

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Semiconductors | Wafer Cleansing Equipment

The controller employed in semiconductor manufacturing processes must meet the high reliability and performance standards required in the high-tech industry due to its special characteristics. In other words, the controller should be able to minimize the down time against any unexpected faults, provided with the convenience of easy maintenance procedure in order to easily recover the system operation fast from those temporary troubles.

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Semiconductors | 4U Rackmount System

Company U who has been specialized in the area of LCD and semiconductor equipment owns the variety of solutions, but has mostly relied on the industrial computers consisted of imported ready made goods including motherboard. Although the specifications of an industrial PC should be fixed after time consuming field tests according to the peculiar characteristics of LCD and semiconductor industry, the frequent obsoletes of motherboards have threatened the stability of equipment.

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Automation | CNC Machine Control – TOYODA

Toyoda Machinery USA is a US-based manufacturer of machine tools for automotive parts processing, a subsidiary of JTEKT, which is associated with Toyoda Motor Company of Japan. As a specialized equipment manufacturer, mainly producing metal processing machines and selling to almost all automotive companies in the US, Canada, and Latin America markets, the company required controllers optimized for machine tools.

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Remicon Weighing Control System

Automation | Remicon Weighing Controller

TRITECH Inc. specializes in providing Remicon weighing control systems. They provide a variety of monitoring systems, including BCP (Batching Control Panel), GPS vehicle control systems, and shipping/production management systems, among other solutions. Recently, TRITECH Inc. partnered with SyncusTech to develop a real-time water/cement ratio monitoring system. To ensure precision, they wanted to be able to incorporate a variety of common measurements into the system.

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SyncusTech_Case Study Industrial Automation_Robostar_Industrial Robots

Robotics | Industrial Robots

Robostar is a KOSDAQ listed company manufacturing industrial robot systems frequently used in many factories across different industries. Robostar were using standard motherboards before starting projects with SyncusTech, and encountered several difficulties. From the mechanical point, the motherboard did not match their enclosures. In order to realize special functions that the standard board did not provide, Robostar adapted several sub-cards connected to the motherboard via cables.

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SyncusTech_Case Study Industrial Automation_CNC Machine2

Robotics | CNC Machine Controller

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine installs tools on spindle motors aligned with the X, Y, Z axes and is commonly used to assist cutting materials, which delivers high accuracy in manufacturing. It can be classified as a milling machine for large and hard materials, and a lathe for soft materials. In both cases, control of the servomotor is indispensable.


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The DVR system that converted analog camera images into digital signals has been replaced by a low-cost PC-based CCTV NVR system as IP cameras have become popular. Recently, as the use of big data has grown across society, demand for intelligent image information processing systems, away from simple recording storage, has been rapidly increasing. A VMS (Video Management System) capable of various functions has been developed and high-end PC-based hardware that can operate the VMS has become necessary.

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Xeon server system

Although the demand in the x86 server market is increasing, brand servers of large global companies occupy the lion’s share. With the implementation of institutional protection measures for domestic SMEs in 2016, products below 2.5GHz are now designated as ‘Competitive Products between SMEs’. Thereby, domestic SMEs’ products can be supplied mainly through public procurement. Products sold by domestic SMEs are drawing criticism for being nothing more than assemblies of foreign parts.

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4K Video Encoder Controller

Company C is a specialized manufacturer of video equipment and the company has commissioned a project with SyncusTech to localize video equipment, to relieve the reliance on foreign parts. To localize broadcasting equipment to compress and transmit large capacity 4K video at once, a customized motherboard optimized for on-board video encoder chip and FPGA chip on high-end motherboard was required.

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Testing&Measurement | HDD Test Board

BSTech is a storage device test equipment manufacturer, whose clients are HDD and SSD manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Seagate. BSTech needed low power and small sized test board, because a lot of motherboards (30 to 80 pieces) needed to be installed on the test equipment. The production volumes are significantly larger, so that the function test procedure creates a bottleneck. All of them have similar demands and the market segment is quite big.

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Dicon Case Study_Digital Signage Motherboard and System

Digital Signage | Large Scale Screen Controller

Dicon is a display manufacturer that produces and exports customer-specified TV and digital signage products. Dicon encountered difficulties with mechanical limitations and specification insufficiencies and wasn’t satisfied with standardized mainboards implemented for its large DID (digital information display).


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SyncusTech Inbody Case Study

Medical Device | Inbody

SyncusTech’s technology allowed Inbody to develop the first body analyzer in 1999 for use in physicians, hospitals, and wellness centers. The company fully realized the need for customized motherboards to remain competitive in the body composition analyzer market, and worked with SyncusTech to develop a custom solution.


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Financial Data Terminal | Electronic Safe

B company is the manufacturer of various banking terminals and exports to the U.S. The control unit of an electronic safe was one item, and B company outsourced the motherboard based on the LX-800 of AMD from Taiwan. B company suffered from poor delivery and technical support and decided to upgrade the motherboard.


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SyncusTech_Case Study System Integration_Building Energy Management System2

Smart Grid | Building Energy Management System

Byucksan Power is a solution provider for Building Energy Management System (BEMS), which consisted of gateway and server based on an open platform. Recently, its business scope expanded to IoT (Internet of Things) with newly developed functions like real-time monitoring, automatic remote control, and maximum demand control.


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