Project Scope

Company C is a specialized manufacturer of video equipment and the company has commissioned a project with SyncusTech to localize video equipment, to relieve the reliance on foreign parts. To localize broadcasting equipment to compress and transmit large capacity 4K video at once, a customized motherboard optimized for on-board video encoder chip and FPGA chip on high-end motherboard was required.

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Client’s Challenge

To create an integrated motherboard, an additional design of the PCIe 4 lane was required to add video encorder functionality to the standard motherboard standard specification. We also had to solve CPU and Chipset on motherboards and additional video encoder chip and the heat generated by the FPGA chip. The board design was required to accommodate the system mechanical constraints of the rackmount system, and the height limitation of the 1U system was also considered.

Solution & Implementation

SyncusTech selected the fanless-type Mini ITX EMB-QM87 reference based on Intel® QM87 chipset to enable high performance power in fanless configuration. To design an onboard-type motherboard, including I7-4700EQ CPU, Video Encoder Chip, and FPGA chip, we expanded the reference board of 170*170mm mini-ITX to 280*200mm ODM F/F. To effectively discharge heat generated from I7 CPUs, the Memory Socket, which blocks the part where the system fan is mounted, was changed from the vertically mounted STD to the horizontal RVS type to solve heat-related problems. We eliminated unnecessary Rear Ports in all systems, except HDMI 1port, Ethernet 2port, and configured SDI 4 port and ASI 1 port interface for video equipment.

Conclusion & Benefits

Company C has been able to successfully localize the broadcasting equipment market, which had been dependent on foreign products, through the newly developed 4K Video Encoder Controller, and is preparing to apply the 4K UHD broadcasting service to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.