Project Scope

The DVR system that converted analog camera images into digital signals has been replaced by a low-cost PC-based CCTV NVR system as IP cameras have become popular. Recently, as the use of big data has grown across society, demand for intelligent image information processing systems, away from simple recording storage, has been rapidly increasing. A VMS (Video Management System) capable of various functions has been developed and high-end PC-based hardware that can operate the VMS has become necessary. In a large-scale system composed of hundreds of cameras, there is growing demand for storage devices capable of fast and safe storage of large volumes of image data.

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Client’s Challenge

Company I, a venture company in the CCTV industry, said that most systems on the market are NVR-based products that can connect only 1 or 2 channels for simple recording, or they are based on computer boards for OA with log durability, where the company was concerned about building reliable systems due to short lifespan of certain hardware elements, such as motherboard. In order to reliably operate intelligent VMS, the company requested SyncusTech develop hardware capable of accommodating at least 36 channels, and capable of raiding at level 6 or higher to quickly and securely store platform and image information of i5 level or higher CPU.

Solution & Implementation

Our EMB-QM87 i5 board is low-temperature industrial motherboard based on Intel’s Embedded Solution. It is easy to secure reliability of the whole system and is the best alternative for long-term stable supply. The problem was to have at least four SATA ports and a NAS control board with level 6 or higher RAID functionality. On a temporary basis, we utilized overseas off-the-shelf products considering the launch date of the product, but we plan to apply the NAS control board optimized for CCTV systems soon after development of the ARM board is completed.

Conclusion & Benefits

In the future, NVR demand for small simple recording monitoring mainly for small stores will be led by existing low-end products. However, the large-scale video surveillance market, which is expected to grow rapidly, will be led by a new CCTV system that combines high-performance computers, based on i series or Xeon and NAS that can mount innovative intelligent VMS. Company I and SyncusTech are in active business featuring new systems jointly developed, targeting large domestic corporations and public institutions