Project Scope

Toyoda Machinery USA is a US-based manufacturer of machine tools for automotive parts processing, a subsidiary of JTEKT, which is associated with Toyoda Motor Company of Japan. As a specialized equipment manufacturer, mainly producing metal processing machines and selling to almost all automotive companies in the US, Canada, and Latin America markets, the company required controllers optimized for machine tools.

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Client’s Challenge

In existing equipment, controllers are installed separately in the cabinet and separated in the cabinet and equipment. However, to design a compact system, the cabinet was integrated into the equipment housing. The previous controller of company B had frequent breakdowns and was also difficult to fit in housing of different sizes and shapes, requiring controller customization.

Solution & Implementation

Since the controller should be mounted inside the housing, SyncusTech designed a custom controller based on the EMB-QM87 motherboard, which is a highly-reliable fanless-type reference board. In order to expand the various functions required by the equipment, PCIe 16x 1 slot and PCI 2 slot interfaces were implemented. It is designed as a 19 “Rackmount type and equipped with Din Rail for flexible installation in the housing. Through basic expansion of the motherboard by bypassing the backplane-type used in off-the-shelf products, it is now possible to use the maximum PCIe 3 slot and PCI 2 slot to ensure Toyoda has flexibility for installation even in small space. By applying the keyboard boot function, the system can be operated with only the keyboard, without pressing the power button installed in the housing, to enhance user convenience. The controller design is simple and the Toyoda logo is mounted on the front part so that the design can be delivered to the end user through the unified design of the whole equipment.

Conclusion & Benefits

Toyoda is a professional equipment company, but for the main equipment controller, they depended on off-the-shelf products. By applying SyncusTech’s customized controller to this project, we were able to overcome limitations of existing products, upgrade existing equipment to an integrated type, and solve complaints in external ready-made products.