Dicon Case Study_Digital Signage Motherboard and System

Project Scope

Dicon is a display manufacturer that produces and exports customer-specified TV and digital signage products. Dicon encountered difficulties with mechanical limitations and specification insufficiencies and wasn’t satisfied with standardized mainboards implemented for its large DID (digital information display).

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Client’s Challenge

The large display product that Dicon was aiming to develop required high definition solutions, the ability to support 4500MHD graphic media accelerator capabilities, and compatibility with Blu-ray Discs. The product was a high performing, PC-level machine that required two-channel audio output and 100/1000MB LAN network capabilities. Also, the mainboard had to maintain compatibility with Dicon’s existing OSD sub-board, IR sub-board, and Dicon exclusive power, and it had to support the interface between the internal LVDS and large scale LCD, while the size of the mainboard was asked to be customized within 230×120 mm dimensions.

Solution & Implementation

SyncusTech developed an EMB-8000D mainboard that met all of Dicon’s requirements for DID products. Applying Intel’s GM45 Extreme Graphics Controller platform satisfied Dicon’s need for high-performing graphics, and we implemented a two-channel audio with built-in, integrated HD audio codes. Also, the board was developed with an Ethernet switch and LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) and was compatible with other Dicon exclusive components, such as the sub-board and power solutions. Above all, we have customized the size of the formfactor (230x116mm) upon Dicon’s request and provided an optimal alignment to the product.

Conclusion and Benefits

By applying SyncusTech’s motherboard into Dicon’s product development, the company successfully developed a PC-based 52” large display product with high-quality graphic display and Internet capabilities, and has supplied about 1000 displays to its customers. Especially by utilizing an optimized ODM mainboard to the large DID, the internal wiring was streamlined, the durability of the system was improved, and maintenance became a lot more convenient. Overall Dicon was able to complete its products successfully with maximized satisfaction from customers and SyncusTech has been supporting Dicon both proactively and responsively throughout the project management process.