Project Scope

With the spread of smart factories, a large number of domestic SI companies have developed various SW solutions required for smart factory implementation and applied them to manufacturing sites. Aim system is specialized in the semiconductor/display factories and equipment automation solutions, and has been selected as a supplier of smart factory businesses to support smartization of domestic manufacturing. Aim System has so far focused on MES, but in the process of developing its smart factory business and solutions for data collection from a variety of on-site equipment, it has planned a production-optimized HW with SyncusTech. With the goal of developing a customized distributed server (aimBOX), we have developed a gateway to collect and deliver data to servers.

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Client’s Challenge

The gateway is a device that collects a large amount of data generated from sensors installed in various factory facilities and transmits to aimBOX (Host Server) which can store and analyze data in the long-term. A range of interfaces are necessary to connect the site equipment, i.e. ADC, DIO, Temperature Sensor, and Serial Communication, and a compact product design was required since the interfaces require installation in limited space.

Solution & Implementation

SyncusTech has already developed the EMB-BYT1000 reference motherboard with Intel Atom® BayTrail CPU and has been producing and supplying to various customers. EMB-BYT1000 board is a SoC CPU with the strengths of low power and low heat. Designed as a fanless type 115 * 165mm EPIC F/F, it is a motherboard suitable for small systems. Taking these advantages, the gateway can be installed in a small space of W300 * D210 * H64mm. RS232 3ports, USB 4ports, VGA 3ports, and Ethernet 2ports are provided to support various interfaces required in the field, and SMPS DC12V/50W is built in, with a power supply also designed to be supported by the system itself.

Conclusion & Benefits

AimSystem can connect AGV (Automated Guide Vehicles) equipment of semiconductor production line with upper host servers through customized gateway development. The system can be implemented so that the administrator can remotely control the equipment, i.e. the port status management of AGV, communication, monitoring, log inquiry, and parameter settings. Currently, more than 130 gateways are being supplied and pilot tested, and 1300 systems are wet to be operated. In addition, re-design is being carried out on customized BlueNet products, which have been developed in other production sites with the request of a similar demand.