SyncusTech_Case Study Industrial Automation_Robostar_Industrial Robots

Project Scope

Robostar is a KOSDAQ listed company manufacturing industrial robot systems frequently used in many factories across different industries. Robostar were using standard motherboards before starting projects with SyncusTech, and encountered several difficulties. From the mechanical point, the motherboard did not match their enclosures. In order to realize special functions that the standard board did not provide, Robostar adapted several sub-cards connected to the motherboard via cables. As a result, the system became even more complicated and highly unreliable. 

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Client’s Challenge

Robostar wanted its own main board with customized form-factor and guaranteed consistency. Industrial Standard Architecture (ISA) bus was required, and customized power supply was adapted as well. Issues related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) were critically evaluated and noted throughout the procedure.

Solution & Implementation

The fully customized hardware platform, EMB-2300R, was developed for Robostar. The layout of the board precisely matched with the mechanical parts of the product. To protect the system from EMC interference, all I/O ports and stud holes were left open and designed to be noise-proof. ISA slot and PCI serial controller were mounted on the board. The motherboard was able to adapt to the system’s low power by switching to mobile solution and accommodate the customized power supply.

Conclusion & Benefits

When the project was to start, SyncusTech already had a reference model: EMB-2300. For this reason, EMB-2300R was developed in a relatively short time and low cost. This is a typical way of responding to ever changing needs of the industrial robot business. Such a customized solution has contributed a lot to leverage the competitiveness of Robostar’s products.