Project Scope

Company U who has been specialized in the area of LCD and semiconductor equipment owns the variety of solutions, but has mostly relied on the industrial computers consisted of imported ready made goods including motherboard. Although the specifications of an industrial PC should be fixed after time consuming field tests according to the peculiar characteristics of LCD and semiconductor industry, the frequent obsoletes of motherboards have threatened the stability of equipment and raised lots of efficiency problems with regard to equipment operation and maintenance of the end users.

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Client’s Challenge

Since the various equipments manufactured by Company U must be furnished with high level of accuracy and stability, the role of industrial computer which is used as a control system is also very important. Previously, these industrial computers have been configured with imported ready-made motherboards. Company U has suffered from short life cycle of imported motherboards and insufficient heat radiation performance and the platform upgrade was required. Accordingly, company U wanted to find a manufacturer capable of guaranteeing the stable supply for a long term period.

Solution & Implementation

Syncustech chose its brain child of EMB-Q77 as a motherboard. EMB-Q77 is a typical reference model for various ODM versions and supports Intel’s I series CPUs. Its ATX formfactor was ideal for 4U rack-mount type industrial PC, which cooling and power stability has been improved. Various functions are implemented via BIOS tuning and LAN communication performance has also been enhanced. Long term supply provision guaranteed at least for 3 years.

Conclusion and Benefits

By developing the customized hardware, not only the long term supply but also the stabilization of LAN communication can be ensured. And in spite that annual demand is relatively small, company U can be supplied the customized system at competitive price. Furthermore, the level of customer satisfaction has been also greatly improved because the customer is able to secure the prompt technical support against any sorts of troubles. Presently, Company U is reviewing the feasibility of employing the EMB-Q77 Rackmount System applied to LCD equipment to the semiconductor equipment as well.