SyncusTech Inbody Case Study

Project Scope

SyncusTech’s technology allowed Inbody to develop the first body analyzer in 1999 for use in physicians, hospitals, and wellness centers. The company fully realized the need for customized motherboards to remain competitive in the body composition analyzer market, and worked with SyncusTech to develop a custom solution.

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Client’s Challenge

The motherboard needed to be small, less than 200mm*160mm, to fit within the analyzer chassis. To maintain the stability of the Operating System and program it needed to be unchangeable by users. Moreover, an integrated interface of multi I/O was needed for communication with the sensing module.

Solution & Implementation

Based on Inbody’s requirements, SyncusTech chose to implement the Geode GXI (discountinued), a low-heat, high performance system-on-chip microprocessor as well as the EMB-586BI motherboard. We also designed a customized 190mm*157mm formfactor. To optimize product constitution, the Serial USB and Ethernet connectors were integrated as one. To maintain the stability of the Operating System and program we accommodated DOC and Nand Flash on the board. A pin header type interface allowed us to offer an LCD touch interface of the body composition analyzer. SyncusTech was able to modify the size, interface, and O/S stability of the solution to fit the specific requirements of Inbody’s project.

Conclusion and Benefits

Inbody remained competitive in the body composition analyzer market by adapting the EMB-586BI motherboard, developed by SyncusTech. InBody was started in the United States in 2000, and exports its products to about 70 countries including Japan and China. SyncusTech has consistently provided updated motherboards to meet Inbody’s needs, and has maintained a close collaboration with Inbody since the beginning of development.