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SyncusTech won the government support of 2016 product improvement program and got the momentum to strengthen the quality of its products, which would be resulted in better competitiveness as well as productivity. Focusing measuring and control system, SyncusTech has been devoting its whole efforts to quality increase. By cooperation with relevant partner companies and the government support, SyncusTech will implement the comprehensive activity for improving heat problem of CM module such as modifying heat sink, improving SMT procedure.

The 2016 Product Improvement Program

Small and medium business agency (SMBA) is national administration who takes charge of the policies for the promotion of small and medium business such as globalization, technical innovation.

The program is implemented and managed by Korea technology and information promotion agency for SMEs (TIPA) and the local branches of SMBA. Every applicant should get the approval from them through several in-depth evaluation processes, and Syncustech won proudly this program on May 2016.

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