At the start of the year, SyncusTech planned to recruit a S/W engineer capable of covering total solutions, from S/W to H/W, and aggressively pushed forward, searching for an outstanding S/W engineer with international experience. Finally, SyncusTech has hired a foreign specialist with over 20 years of S/W, H/W, and F/W experience. The specialist will be able to cover total IT solutions through his various ODM and OEM projects with global companies. The R&D capability of SyncusTech will be strengthened by seizing these opportunities to add talent, as outlined below.

R&D Project : Xeon Platform

The development of the Xeon Platform is the most important R&D project at SyncusTech in 2016. Currently, Xeon’s control platform is dependent on import from Taiwan or elsewhere, so this R&D project is very meaningful for localization of development. To help accomplish this and build competitiveness in the industrial computer market, SyncusTech has hired a talented foreign specialist:

Existing R&D engineers:

Circuit design and Mock-up

Secure fundamental technology of control system as high level spec

  • Maximize I/O expansion: PCI express 3.0 x 16 slot, 1/10Giga Bit Ethernet, SATA 3.0, USB 3.0

Xeon level platform development localization

  • Design dual socket type using Intel Xeon E5 processor
  • Apply ECC DDR4 Memory technology

New Foreign Specialist:

S/W (BIOS) development

Intelligent control module development

  • Apply IPM function
  • Develop related S/W and F/W

Develop BIOS

Secure integrity of signal and power

  • Simulate signal integrity at beginning of circuit design step
  • Simulate integrity verification of main circuit power

Expected results from new specialist

SyncusTech’s newest addition is a Taiwanese engineer who has over 20 years experience in the major industrial computer market. The specialist brings a strong Taiwanese social network to the table, allowing SyncusTech to tap into Taiwan’s rich R&D infrastructure. By reinforcing its S/W development infrastructure with this new specialist, while still maintaining strength as a H/W provider, SyncusTech expects to strengthen R&D capability in the industrial control field as the Total Solution Provider. The new hire allows SyncusTech to:

Grow Revenue

Dominate domestic Xeon level controller market in advance

Progress into overseas ODM market

Localize Xeon level server technology for public demand

Increase R&D Competitiveness

Secure technical elements required for ongoing global manufacturing innovation (Smart Factory, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, etc.)

Build infrastructure to take advantage of development in Taiwan (BIOS, Firmware, ARM Driver, etc.), which leads world computer market

Converge Manufacturing and IT

Utilize server for manufacturing fields (Collecting Big Data, Factory Automation, Robotics, etc.)

Respond to various high performance ODM demands