SNAF-QM87 is newly developed control system based on SyncusTech’s EMB-QM87 Mini ITX board. High level of stability has been realized by adapting fanless design in order to avoiding system shutdown caused by CPU fan fail. Different from popular backplane type fanless controllers, SNAF-QM87 is applied to expansion slots, standard configuration of which is 3slots (1 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCI). When necessary, PCIe x 16 can be divided into 8:8 or 8:4:4 and the combination of PCIe x8 2slots or PCIe x8 1slot and PCIe x4 2slots is available. SNAF-QM87 is easily expandable up to maximum PCIe 3slots and PCI 2slots and unbelievably flexible for various options.

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Leveraging years of experience acquired across industries, we can tailor product development and testing to meet the needs of the industrial machine market (e.g. shock resistance, multiple device connectivity, sensors integration). In 2015, SyncusTech was awarded a $500K grant to work on international projects dedicated to robotics and real time automation which will help us offer a unique customization experience to our clients and complete high-value projects for their business.

Case Study

As an actual reference, the company “A”, a renowned semiconductor equipment manufacturer, was able to complete the entire equipment development with the expansion interface provided by SNAF-QM87 system successfully configuring the Vision Card and Motion Card in one system.

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Intel® Core i7/i5/i3/Mobile Processor (Haswell) 

SNAF-QM87 is designed with the fan-less type Mini ITX EMB-QM87embedded system with Intel® QM87 chipset in order to simultaneously gain powerful performance and solid CPU operation with no cooling fan.