On every December, SyncusTech has held the annual workshop for the purpose of reviewing the year’s achievement and planning for the next year. In the workshop of 2015, whole members of SyncusTech reviewed and discussed the business results, improvements of this year and problems need to be improved in the next year. SyncusTech would like to share the outputs of the workshop, which have been formulated for providing the customers with better products as well as better service.

SyncusTech R&D Timeline

SyncusTech is going to launch various industrial systems which are based on EMB-BYT1000, EMB-QM87 mini ITX and EMB-QM87 Com Express boards developed in 2015. Specially, a blade server based on EMB-BT1000 is under development and a new reference motherboard based on the Intel Skylake will be developed on the second half of next year.

reliability of products

SyncusTech has made great efforts for supplying high quality products to customers. Such exertion resulted in considerable decrease of repairing activities by 27.7%, from 372 cases in 2014 to 269 cases in 2015.


the number of repairs

  • Board
  • System

Market Trends

IoT (Internet of Things) will keep on developing into the IoE (Internet of Everything) as a one of major market trends. Thus SyncusTech will also analyze this trend and develop IoT relevant solutions for factory automation applications.



Started on 2:00, the workshop was a meaningful activity in which every participant exchanged various opinions and could find out the ways of improvement and business plan for the next year.