Q. How can reliability of customized main boards and systems created to necessary specifications be verified ?

A. We have customized ODM products certified and their reliability tests verified by national authorized testing institutes in conformity with the customers' needs.


ODM Project Process

  • 1 Step | R&D Planning : Select Reference Board and modification development
  • 2 Step | System Develop : Prepare for motherboard disconnection by CPU, Chipset, etc
  • 3 Step | Prototype Making : Develop motherboard platform
  • 4 Step | Field Test
  • 5 Step | Product Certification
  • 6 Step | Product Launch

Get Certification

We have acquired various certifications required by our clients’ needs. Depending on the domestic and overseas markets in which the final product is launched, we will obtain the certification required by each country in a customized manner through a national accredited certification body. In the meantime, check out the representative certification cases of the products that have been released.

KC-Mark Certification
CE-Mark Certification

KC Mark(Korea Certification Mark) is the integrated national Certification Mark that combines 13 statutory certification marks, each of which was previously individually approved by the five government departments. SyncusTech has reliability of the products intended for the domestic market verified by obtaining KC Mark.


Designation : Fanless Box PC
Product : SB-F2800

CE Mark(Conformity to European Mark) was created aimed at eliminating technical barrier in the wake of integration of the EU market. It is an essential certificate without which  products cannot be exported to the EU.  Thus, we obtained CE Mark for customers whose products are destined for the EU market.


Designation : Mother Board
Product : EMB-Q77

IEC Standard
ODM Certification

IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) standard is intended to verify electrical equipment safety. Certificate of conformity (CB certificate) is issued to prove conformity to the standard. With a view to promoting trade by simplifying electrical equipment safety certification procedure in each country utilizing the CB certificate in question, “IEC Electrical Equipment Safety Standard Compliance Testing System” was instituted.


Designation : Industrial PC
Product : 4U Rackmount

After final products are released, we acquire various certifications, such as UL, CCC etc., as required individually by each country on an as needed basis. When relevant certifications need to be acquired in the name of our customer, not SyncusTech, we accept your manufacturing factory to be examined for certifications. Should you need any certification, regardless of whether it be for main board or system, you can consult with us at any time.

ODM Certification

Reliability Test

For ODM products, given that MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) and the like have never been actually applied in the field, we, in conjunction with national accredited test institutes, conduct a variety of environmental tests for verification of the products before being mass- produced.


Korean Trade Commission

KTC, as one of the largest national testing and certification bodies in Korea, conducts a variety of testing including performance evaluation test and absorption rate of electromagnetic wave etc. Together with KTC, SyncusTech, selected as a target for support by Reliability Technology Diffusion Business’ sponsored by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2015, secures reliability of the products by conducting verification testing under a variety of testing environment and conditions. Learn More


Korea Conformity Laboratories

KCL, short for Korea Conformity Laboratories, conducts testing, evaluation, certification, R&D etc on building materials and medical devices. For reliability verification of ODM products, SyncusTech, by applying a variety of test equipment and analytical techniques used by KCL, established the verification procedure whereby whether the products can be applied in the field before being mass-produced can be judged. Learn More


Electronics &Telecommunications
Research Institute

ETRI is the government-funded research institute affiliated with the Industrial Technology Research Society under Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. SyncusTech in collaboration with ETRI conducts research on information protection and standardization of information, communication, electronics, broadcasting and related fusion and hybrid technologies. Learn More

Reliability verification Item
humidity Test

Humidity Test

  • Accurate durability evaluation
  • Evaluation of quality suitability
Vibration Test

Vibration Test

  • Lithium-ion battery UN-Certification
  • Military Standard KOLAS-Certification
high-temperature test

High temperature Test

  • Performance evaluation by product structure
  • Performance evaluation of industrial equipment

High temperature Test

  • Performance evaluation by product structure
  • Performance evaluation of industrial equipment
Temperature Shock Test

Temperature Shock Test

  • Rapid Shock Operation Evaluation
  • Low/High temperature control Evaluation
freeze test

Freeze & Thaw Test

  • Product evaluation during rapid cooling
  • Internal parts and device suitability
Functional Shock test

Functional Shock Test

  • Hardware specification Performance Evaluation
  • Interface, network Suitability

Electrostatic Discharge Test

  • Wireless (RF) conformity assessment
  • Electroabsorption (SAR) conformity assessment