Raspberry Pi Compute Modules 3
ARM Cortex-A53

Peripheral Box is designed as Sub-PLC device which can connect various devices and sensors in factories. Its compact design makes it easy to mount on existing equipment and control panels, and serial communication support designed for compatibility with various devices. In addition, it has diverse I/O interfaces with In/Output 32 channels, 8 analog channels, and 6 channels of temperature sensors. Peripheral Box is based on Raspberry Compute Modules 3 suitable for a smaller form factor (67.6 mm x 31 mm) for embedded designs, and also designed by 4 carrier boards so that if more I/O interfaces are required, peripheral box can be expanded by applying more PCB modules.

  • Raspberry Pi compute modulte 3 applied
  • Compact Design 55mm x 75mm x 150mm
  • 4 types PCB module designed
  • 32 channel in/output supporting
  • 8 channel Analog input supporting
  • 6 channel Temperature sensor supporting
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