Since its establishment in 1992, SyncusTech has been devoted to development and manufacture of industrial computers all along. We owe our present success to guidance and unsparing support given by our customers and business partners that believe in and use our Korean-made products. We will return their support by using our best effort for the year of 2017.

With experience we have gained so far, we have acquired comparative advantage in the field of ODM (original development manufacturing) that meets the customer’s specifications based on the development technology of industrial PC motherboard.

Further, we are confident that we are able to create the greatest synergistic effect when we set up cooperative relationship with customers based on mutual trust by meeting their needs for special specifications that cannot be met by existing products being imported and distributed. We are well aware that while an ODM product has an advantage of being optimized for customers’ needs, such as intended use and environment in which it is used, compared to ready-made products, the time and cost required to develop the ODM product will be a huge burden on our customers. That is why we concentrate our efforts on coming up with solution.

The first-year task assigned by Reliability Technology Diffusion Business’ project we have so far conducted jointly with Korea Institute of Machinery & Electric Testing (KTC), Suwon University etc, was completed as planned with the second- year task being currently under way. The results of the project were already utilized to develop server intended for the production site. The product is being tested currently at a foreign factory. Unlike as is the case in the past, we were able to take systematic quality assurance measures from the stage of product development and furthermore, by applying same standard as used in a foreign famous company’s product, we also were able to get the quality level improved enough to carry out the self-reliability test.

Instead of not remaining complacent with what we have achieved thus far, this year we are determined to complete a process whereby a product is created optimized for the use condition by establishing a reliability index system which is regarded as the final objective of Reliability technology diffusion business’ Our efforts to develop new products will continue this year. First, in the first half of the year, Intel 6th generation Skylake and Xeon server platform, will be completed. Furthermore, full-scale development of x86-based platform on which our efforts have been concentrated so far and ARM-based platform will be under way.

In the midst of many difficulties we experienced last year, overall, they are thought to have paved the way towards our achieving a potential for ever larger development. Again, we are grateful for your unsparing support and encouragement leading to our present success which would otherwise not be possible. We are determined to grow globally competitive in the near future. Equipped with globally leading technology and competitive edge, we will step up our best effort to serve your needs.

Wonkun Lee