SyncusTech was able to come this far through the support of our customers and subcontractors. It is our responsibility to continuously develop a competitive edge in the market and contribute to technological advancement for the community.

Every SyncusTech member is aware of the challenge to complete projects and tasks within cutthroat competition, and we will continue to keep positive attitude and values to remain stable and consistent in our work. Thank you again for your support, feedback, and continuous attention.

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  • Developed server motherboard based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3/v4
  • Developed EMB-QM87 for Video Encoder Chip of Camon Korea
  • Receives award from Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS), Started development of Smart Factory Solution
  • Developed ARM Board: Rockchip 3288, Cortex-A17


  • Developed 2 types of Portable Server by applying EMB-BYT1000 and EMB-QM87
  • Selected to the government funding program of IndustryUniversityInstituteCollaboration and
    developing server motherboard based on Intel® Xeon® processor
  • Developed EMB-BYT1000 for Intel’s BayTrail Atom processors


  • 2015 Award from the Korea Institute for the Adcancement of Technology (KIAT)
  • Developed EMB-QM87 & COM Express type 6 for 4th Generation Intel®  i7/i5/i3/Celeron processors
  • Developed EMB-BYT1000 for Intel’s BayTrail Atom processors


  • Developed EMB-NM70 for 3D Barcode Reader of Winforsys
  • Developed EMB-8000S for CNC Controller
  • Received an Awards Certification from Small & Midsize Businesses Administration, South Korea
  • Selected to support Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT)


  • Developed EMB-Q77 for Intel® Core™ i7, i5, i3 processors
  • Byucksan | Developed EMB-270BP for Smart Grid
  • Developed and deliver 3rd generation lottery terminal motehrboard


  • Standard Atom Series product line-up: EMB-N270W, EMB-N2800
  • EMB-N270B, EMB-N270W, EMB-N2800


  • CSS | Developed EMB-N270B for Electronic Safe of CSS
  • Inter-M | Developed EMB-7000i, EMB-2300i for PA System


  • BS Tech | Developed EMB-9000B for HDD Tester
  • Jabil | Developed EMB-CM3200L for Spectrum Analyzer
  • Dincon | EMB-8000D Digital Signage for U.S. export


  • JVM | Developed EMB 7000J for Pharmaceutical Packing Machine
  • Robostar | Developed EMB-2300R for industrial robots
  • Samsung Electronics, LG Display, Korea Ulvac | Supplied  Rackmount Industrial PC
  • Samsung Electronics, LG Display, Korea Ulvac | Developed and supplied semiconductor test equipments


  • Samsung Electronics | Developed EMB-LX700 for CD-ROM Tester
  • Dincon | Developed EMB-CM3000D for Disgital Signage for U.S. export


  • LIGNex1 | Developed EMB-2200L for Spectrum Analyzer
  • Vizro | Supplied Industrial PC for traffic intersection accidents surveillance system


  • BS Tech | Developed EMB-4000 for HDD Tester
  • AIM | Developed EMB-586M2 for TCP/IP Protocol converter
  • Developed EMB-220 for Check Register Terminal


  • Web & Vision | Developed EMB-6000W for POS
  • Developed EMB-2200HS CV net web terminal board
  • Developed EMB-6000 for 3D Arcade Gaming Machine


  • LIGNex1 | Developed EMB-586L for Spectrum Analyzer
  • Turbo Tech | Developed EMB-2100T for CNC Controller


  • Seoul Public Subway | Supplied EMB-586P for Flap Gate
  • Biospace | Developed EMB-586BI for Body Fat Analyzer


  • Samsung Electronics | Developed EMB-2020S for Winstar (HDD tester) of Samsung Electronics
  • KLS | Developed and delivered 1st generation lottery terminal main board EMB-2000A


  • Web-Link | Developed web server system based on EMB-386WL
  • Web & Vision | Developed EMB-2100W for POS


  • Developed and supplied pentium main board for railroad services terminal
  • Developed EMB-2000 of Pentium II/III level


  • Contract with Micron Communications Inc. based in U.S. and ASI
  • Confirmed by small and medium business administration as “Selected Venture Enterprise” 


  • Selected as military service company
  • Hyundai Electronics and Daehan Manufacturing | Developed main board for WLL, FLC network synchronization
  • Patent application for high-speed, high-precision clock and its distribution devices
  • Developed multi-terminal control concentrator 


  • Developed high-speed, high-precision clock and its distribution devices
  • Selected as official suppliers – Samsung Electronics ARTWORK (PCB CAD) section
  • Selected as official suppliers – Hyundai Electronics ARTWORK (PCB CAD) section
  • Delivered main boards for national railroad terminal service


  • Developed stackable industrial computer main boards
    • Sponsored by Ministry of Information and Communication – Telecommunication Promotional Fund Supporting project, 1995
  • Samsung Electronics and LG Information & Communications | Developed and supplied network synchronization for ATM exchange (VC version)


  • Participated in developing ATM exchanger at Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
    • Facilitated the development of network synchronization board for VP exchanger
  • Developed EMB-386ST


  • Established company-affiliated R&D centers
  • Developed Embedded Controller compatible to IBM PC, sponsored by the Ministry Department of Commerce and Industry
    • Industrial Technologies Development project
  • Changed company’s name to SyncusTech


  • Established as Sooyoung Auto Engineering Inc.