Our value? SyncusTech’s partners are promptly equipped with custom, high-value solutions that will help them win new business and new verticals without having to invest extra dollars.

SyncusTech provides high-quality ODM industrial motherboards at good cost and delivery ratio to solutions providers seeking custom ODM products in small to medium quantities.

Unique R&D capabilities, strong track record in profitable niche markets, and ability to support client’s projects through ongoing custom supply and long-term guarantee have made SyncusTech a vendor of choice for the industrial computing sector in the USA.

High Quality ODM Motherboards

SyncusTech has a successful track record in delivering high-quality ODM industrial PC motherboards with reasonable pricing. We offer essential ODM services via higher value density motherboards to those who desire customized specifications unique from other standard boards. Our customers will not only receive satisfying solutions that meet their needs, but also get ODM boards at good cost and delivery ratio.

Open Opportunities to New Markets

Over the past 20+ years, SyncusTech has built a solid experience across various industries and verticals. With our expertise in ODM solutions, our team help our partners break into new markets and find ways to better compete in the industry through smart sourcing decisions. SyncusTech offers differentiated R&D services valued by our partners and their clients, which further expand our capabilities to explore new sectors and offerings.

Long-term Guarantee of Supply

SyncusTech secures long-lasting relationships with customers by offering rapid technical support when problems arise, and supplying replacements after the product reaches the end of its cycle. Customers often encounter situations when their standardized motherboards or components are out-of-stock or obsolete in the market. However, SyncusTech is dedicated to ensuring continuous supply to guarantee customer satisfaction and projects’ sustainability.