SyncusTech, a specialized manufacturer of industrial PC motherboards, strengthens overseas exports to North America

By Yunjeong, Choi (Sep 8, 2015, NewsMKOREA)


SyncusTech is able to compete with major companies, by being able to make quick decisions and react quickly to the needs of customers.

Since 1992, SyncusTech has been focused on the development and production of motherboards, the core component of an industrial PC. SyncusTech develops motherboards using the ODM (Original Development Manufacturing) model for various industries including industrial automation, POS/CNC controllers, test & measurement, and medical device. This model allows SyncusTech to provide service that meets the specific requirements of each client, from development to A/S (After Services).


Rapid decision making and the reliability of ODM technology

Each industrial PC has different requirements based on its purpose and environment. Off-the-shelf products have a limited ability to fit these requirements. The ODM model enables the creation of customized products based on the clients’ needs. This model, in combination with fast decision making enables SyncusTech to remain competitive with major companies.

SyncusTech has recently built a R&D consortium with the Korea Testing Certification, the University of Suwon, and three leading companies in the computing industry to test, analyze, and improve the vulnerable components of measurment and controls systems.

SyncusTech released the ‘EMB-BYT1000’ and ‘Haswell EMB-QM87’ models at the beginning of 2015. The size of EMB-BYT1000 was EPCI (115*165mm) to be easily customizable to the requirements of varied clientele. Haswell EMB-QM87 was developed through a government support project in 2014 and is undergoing reliability tests. It was developed as not only a MiniITX (170*170mm) Formfactore, but also as a Com Express Type 6, and will be used in critical equipment within the medical and defense industries.

Mr.Lee, CEO of SyncusTech, mentioned that the biggest crisis during his 23 years of experience was IMF, which SyncusTech would overcome by concentrating on the industrial PCs. Taiwanese companies gained over 70% in the Korean industrial PC market after IMF. SyncusTech is positioned for success by focusing on the ODM model and small quantity batch production. Since 2012, SyncusTech has focused on the North American market. Most recently SyncusTech has launched inbound marketing efforts within North America.

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