Project Scope

B company is the manufacturer of various banking terminals and exports to the U.S. The control unit of an electronic safe was one item, and B company outsourced the motherboard based on the LX-800 of AMD from Taiwan. B company suffered from poor delivery and technical support and decided to upgrade the motherboard.

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Client’s Challenge

B company wanted a fan-less type hardware platform with better performance but low power. The motherboard was connectable with various peripherals such as a magnetic card reader, printer, bill counter, touch screen, and audio device. The form-factor needed to be EPIC (115×165) because the mechanical parts have to be applicable. A high level of reliability and security was a priority.

Solution & Implementation

SyncusTech developed the fan-less type main board (EMB-N270B), which demonstrated higher performance by adapting the Intel ATOM Processor. The board supported six serial ports and eight USB ports for connecting many peripherals. The 2 watt amp was mounted on the board in order to strengthen the function of the speaker. The figure of the main board was carefully designed to ensure the compatibility with other mechanical parts. Finally, the reliability was improved by unifying input power as a single DC 12V.

Conclusion and Benefits

The annual demand of B company was around 3,000 pieces of main boards. Such volume didn’t seem to be sufficient in attracting technical support, such as board modification and good delivery from the major board makers, whose main business is mass production and stock sale through distribution channels. However, SyncusTech provided efficient technical supports and delivery at a reasonable price. Once the project was started, we had only one buyer in the U.S., but now we have two more buyers continuing to purchase our EMB-N270B. Today, the accumulated quantity of exports is over 30,000 main board pieces.