SyncusTech Systems Integrator Case Study_Blase Server

Project Scope

Aim Systems, a systems integrator in the field of semiconductors and FDP, is now expanding its business toward various manufacturing industries including electronic components, shipbuilding, and steel production. The company needed cartridge type blade servers, which are used for data storage and are able to link to their MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

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Client’s Challenge

The industrial purpose blade server should be a low heat, low power and high performance fan-less platform. Four cartridges, including the motherboard, memory, and storage, needed to be linked via LAN, and each cartridge had to be able to be interconnected by KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine). In addition, a small server case needed to be designed and developed.

Solution & Implementation

The main challenge in the development of the blade server was the platform of the motherboard.  SyncusTech selected the EMB-BYT100 with Intel E3845 CPU among line-up platforms. Each cartridge contains a compact motherboard (165*115mm) and a 2.5” HDD which was designed as a removable rail type so that maintenance is simple and easy. A small KVM module was adapted for users’ convenience. In addition, unnecessary connecting was avoided by locating the hub in the server.

Conclusion and Benefits

Although Aim Systems is a competent system integrator, they outsourced off-the-shelf hardware. Through the customized hardware developed by SyncusTech, Aim Systems was able to strengthen its status as a total SI solution company. This project provided Aim Systems with 3 benefits: customized hardware, reduced costs, and improved performance.