• Date : April 26 (Tue.) – 29 (Fri.), 2016
  • Time : 10:00 – 18:00
  • Location : KINTEX 1, 2
  • Organizer : Korea Packaging Machinery Association (KPMA), Kyungyon Exhibition Corp., The Monthly Packaging (KIP)

Items of Visitors’ interest

  • 35% Packaging Machine
  • 14% Packaging Automation Machinery
  • 12% Packaging Materials
  • 10% Package Printing Machine
  • 39% Others

Foreign buyers from 27 countries were invited to 2016 KOREA PACK. They consisted of importers and distributors of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China where Korean companies have market share. Most of them reviewed and revealed purchasing intention of displayed products. Organizing body mentioned that “7o million of contract through over 128 of pre-matching trade meeting is expected.”

[Source] 2016 KOREA PACK Website – https://www.koreapack.org/eng/

Packaging Machine Controller Market Research

Lots of automation devices for packing machinery were introduced on the 2016 KOREA PACK and SyncusTech surveyed the control systems on the floor. Most of machines adapt the control system of Japanese OMRON, German Siemens, Netherland DELTA and Taiwanese WEINTEK. The type of control systems of packing machine is HMI (Human Machine Interface) in general.


[Source] 2016 KOREA PACK Website – https://www.koreapack.org/eng/