Each December, SyncusTech holds our annual workshop to review the year’s achievements and plan for the next year. The 2016 workshop was a meaningful time for SyncusTech members to share and discuss our corporate results. Each team presented on their execution regarding their yearly goals, which were planned during the 2015 workshop. Overall, we remain committed to providing customers with reliable products as well as a high level of technical service.

SyncusTech R&D Plan

In February, SyncusTech will be launching a mini ITX board based on Intel’s latest processor, the 6th generation Skylake. Also in the first half of 2017, we will put a Server-class Xeon processor board to market, becoming the first Korean manufacturer to utilize an Intel Xeon platform. By supporting Intel processors, SyncusTech is continuing to improve our motherboards’ ability to meet customer specifications, including compatibility and stability. We will also integrate the Skylake motherboard to our Portable Server line, adding to the Haswell and Atom boarded server versions we released in 2016. We are also planning to launch an all new server equipped with a Xeon board in the second half of 2017. We have already obtained CE and KC certification for the new server from the KTC (Korea Testing Certification). Now we are continuing to test the product at KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) to ensure the highest level of product quality and stability.


reliability of products

At SyncusTech, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with high quality products. In 2016, our increased emphasis resulted in a 34.3% reduction in repairing activities, going from 269 cases in 2015 to 177 cases in 2016.

The number of repairs

  • Board
  • System

Market Trends

The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has become a major trend throughout the manufacturing industry, highlighting concepts like industrial automation and the ‘smart factory’. Thus, the IoT has extended to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). SyncusTech has anticipated this trend, and will continue to respond by developing IIoT products that can be applied to the motion control field. Specifically, we are able to specialize in providing custom solutions for motion control. Also, in 2016 SyncusTech became a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), allowing us to acquire R&D insight from the ETG community. Because of this, SyncusTech will be able to integrate EtherCAT technology and boost our development of specialized technical service.

Workshop-Iot Opportunity


SyncusTech’s 2016 workshop was a great time to discuss each department’s 2016 execution and 2017 objectives. The workshop allowed us to address the challenges we have faced and how to improve our value to our clients. Each team and participant was able to provide valuable insight, contributing to meaningful discussions. Based on our workshop, we are confident that we have identified an actionable and achievable plan for SyncusTech to thrive in 2017.